MidSummer - Summer Solstice 2007


Midsummer is the celebration of the summer solstice. As the shortest night of the year, it was (and is) particularly a time of rejoicing for the Northern peoples. Being a solstice feast, its date is slightly variable, however, it is usually as close to the solstice as possible that the celebrations are held, and it is this a time of great magic.


Hail you, Sunna! shining in might,

driving thy horses on high.

Early-Wake, All-Swift, awesome, forth gallop

drawing the shield-maid stark

around her holy ring.


Hail you, Tiw! at Thing-tide's height,

by Irminsul, ur-old tree.

One-Hand, Wolf-Binder, worthy oath-payer,

hold thy high seat here!


Hail you, Fosite! at fount of law,

standing by flowing spring.

Bridge-builder, wise one from bright Glitnir's heights,

reach out with holy rede,

awe us with axe's stroke.

Hail to you, Balder! bright in remembrance,

shining in holiness and frith.

At height of hope on hallowed Midsummer's,

we bless you, hero bold,

we hail you in halls hidden,

strength to the seed of life!


Hail you, Heimdallr! from Asgarth gazing,

white-shining watchman of gods,

high-minded horn-god, at height of all lightening,

brighten the Rainbow Bridge here,

stream down to us God-Home's strength.


Thonar, ward us through summer's height,

against all harm of hail,

Frija, bless us while flax is growing,

Sif's hair shines in the fields,

Geršr's breasts decked brightly,

Fulla gives freely to all.


Fro Ing and Frowe fires shall kindle,

growing great through the land,

where alfs are riding all are singing,

green shall our fields grow!

 A celebration of the traditional MidSummer/Summer Solstice will be conducted at

Wood Henge

in Bridgewater on 22 December 2007 commencing at 4 PM PLEASE NOTE TIME

 it will consist of Social Time, A Ritual, and a shared meal.

Meal: BBQ - bring meats and a salad or sweet or vegetarian fare for those who are not meat eaters. Bring a little extra for someone else. Every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate those with special dietary and environmental needs. Breads, condiments, and nibbles are also appreciated.

Drinks: BYO Drinks - relying on others to supply drinks is rude!, Alcohol permitted!

Children: Children are welcome, but are 100% the responsibility of the parent in regards to care and control.

 Dress: Street or Ritual dress and tools are permitted as a matter of personal preference.

Cost: A donation towards the work at Wood Henge and the costs of the event is appreciated but not compulsory.

 Attendance is only by prior arrangement. "Walk ins" are not acceptable and may be asked to leave.   RSVP is essential.


folkvangr@iprimus.com.au    Phone 0413 349904


Conduct: Wood Henge policy on conduct and personal responsibility at events are available via our website  and will be available at the event. Persons attending the event are expected to comply with these policies. Persons should not attend Wood Henge events without familiarizing themselves with these policies


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